Google Wave: Get Your Invites Here!

    By Jeremy Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    I just got invited to preview Google Wave, the new beast of a web-app from Google said to replace/integrate e-mails/IMs/Tweets/Online Collaborative Environments/Chat Rooms and all other sorts of internet communication. Whether it actually will or not is a topic deserving of another post entirely, but for now, I'll be glad to hand out a few invites so you can judge for yourself.

    I'm not going to give these out randomly, I want some creativity on your part! So, how do you get one of my invites/nominations? Simple, comment on this post with how you will use Google Wave in a Christ-centric fashion. The more creative (yet practical/useful), the better your chances of getting added to the invitation list.

    Maybe you're a priest that sees real value in the collaborative features of Google Wave and can explain how it will help your church. Or, maybe you're a software developer who can think of a really neat Google Wave Extension to develop that integrates into Christianity somehow.

    Whatever your idea may be, just post it in the comments below along with the e-mail address of where to send your Google Wave invite to (be sure to use to avoid spam-bots) and I'll pick 7 of you to nominate. Deadline is about a week or two, depending on number of submissions.

    Good luck!

    UPDATE: Be sure to provide some sort of credentials. Eg: If it's for a ministry, link to it. If you're a software developer, show some stuff you've made, etc. Be creative!

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    11 Responses

    1. I really want to used for young adults ministry in my church, collaborative features will help getting youth more involved and having a good time with useful material as well.

    2. I really don't have a central idea to apply this to. But would like to share an invite with a teacher at my catholic school, he might have some great ideas. I'm a software developer myself (well, I'm learning), so maybe the teacher and I can do something for the kids and parents.

    3. I would use Google Wave to help coordinate and teach my Sabbath School lesson that I facilitate each week. Also, I'd allow some of the members of the church to use my invite to preview the new technology for themselves :) I also tweeted to you on twitter. @marcusnewton

    4. Silly me, forgot email:

    5. For web conferences you should try ,
      Great for online teaching and collaborating. I use it for working on my designs with other in my field.
      Its free and pretty simple - you just upload your file and invite others to view it together.
      - Laura W.

    6. I would use it to help my church stay technologically up to date in order to make the Word of God more accessible to today's youth. Church's site:


    7. Hi,

      I would like to see it for myself, nothing really righteous, honestly.


    8. I'm a developer eager to work on bringing Wave based utilities to the mobile web. It's difficult to work with the service without an account though. :)

      Nick Kirkes

    9. I'm a web developer for (,, and a Coptic Society E-Board member. Coptic Society is a campus fellowship. I wished to aquire a google wave account in hopes of better collaboriting events such as our winter retreats and such in order to increase productivity and efficiently plan such things.

    10. Hey Kyrillos, sorry for the delay! Still need an invite? I have 2 left :)

    11. My name is big Meana and I am a holle? yessss