Google Wave: Get Your Invites Here!

    By Jeremy Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    I just got invited to preview Google Wave, the new beast of a web-app from Google said to replace/integrate e-mails/IMs/Tweets/Online Collaborative Environments/Chat Rooms and all other sorts of internet communication. Whether it actually will or not is a topic deserving of another post entirely, but for now, I'll be glad to hand out a few invites so you can judge for yourself.

    I'm not going to give these out randomly, I want some creativity on your part! So, how do you get one of my invites/nominations? Simple, comment on this post with how you will use Google Wave in a Christ-centric fashion. The more creative (yet practical/useful), the better your chances of getting added to the invitation list.

    Maybe you're a priest that sees real value in the collaborative features of Google Wave and can explain how it will help your church. Or, maybe you're a software developer who can think of a really neat Google Wave Extension to develop that integrates into Christianity somehow.

    Whatever your idea may be, just post it in the comments below along with the e-mail address of where to send your Google Wave invite to (be sure to use to avoid spam-bots) and I'll pick 7 of you to nominate. Deadline is about a week or two, depending on number of submissions.

    Good luck!

    UPDATE: Be sure to provide some sort of credentials. Eg: If it's for a ministry, link to it. If you're a software developer, show some stuff you've made, etc. Be creative!

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