The End is Near: Thanks to Free Audio Bibles

    By Jeremy Friday, October 09, 2009

    It looks like the nice folks at Faith Comes by Hearing are ready to meet their maker.
    And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.
    Matthew 24:14

    All kidding aside, Faith Comes By Hearing is an awesome service set up to spread the Word of God to every single country in every single language. They have free audio Bibles available in virtually any language you can think of so that no corner of the globe is left uncovered. Head on over to their beautifully designed website to learn more about this great service and to see how you can help as well.

    Free Streaming Audio Bibles

    You can go on their website right now to stream the New Testament in any language in both drama and non-drama formats. Personally, I prefer the drama style since it helps keep your focus, especially when commuting to and from work/school every day. Although the non-drama versions are just as good, spoken with changing pitch and emphasis so as not to be too dry; excellent for studying and/or preaching.

    Download Free Audio Bibles

    If you'd rather download the MP3 versions for burning to a CD or loading up onto your iPod or Zune player, they offer this for free as well. There is a slight catch, though, you will have to download their Audio Bible Ambassadors software. Don't worry, no spyware or malware here (I've been running it myself and all looks good). So why the required software download? Well, they want you to be an ambassador, helping spread the Word to as many people as possible.

    Audio Bible Ambassadors

    When you download the software, you can download up to two complete versions of the audio Bible in any language you choose. After that, you'll have to sign up for a (free) account. Once you're signed up, you can choose to be an Ambassador for the versions of the audio Bible that you like. Being an ambassador is basically being a "seeder" in a controlled BitTorrent. What this means is that while you have the ABA software running, you'll help spread the audio Bible to other users that want to download. This helps alleviate the massive bandwidth costs it would take to serve up these large files from a private server. With thousands of ambassadors (or seeders/peers) across the globe, it costs this charity organization practically nothing to spread the Word.

    Other Forms of Distribution

    Faith Comes by Hearing also has a few other forms of distribution available of all languages and translations. You can purchase an Mp3 Disc, BibleStick (basically an iPod Shuffle-type of device with the Audio Bible preloaded), or a Proclaimer (basically a stereo-type device set up just to play the Audio Bible.)

    His name shall endure forever;
    His name shall continue as long as the sun.
             And men shall be blessed in Him;
             All nations shall call Him blessed.
    Psalm 72:17

    I just wish they had some Old Testament audio Bibles to offer, but the amount of New Testament versions available are simply astounding! Hundreds of different languages in different translations are all there for your benefit. Truly a great service!

    Visit: Faith Comes By Hearing

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