Holy Week of Pascha

    By Jeremy Monday, April 13, 2009

    Yesterday started the Holy Week of Pascha for most Eastern Orthodox Christians, myself being Coptic Orthodox in particular. Pascha, is a transliteration of a Greek word, which was further translated from a Hebrew word meaning Passover.

    The Holy Week of Pascha is the holiest week in the Coptic Orthodox Church. The church recounts the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ on a daily basis throughout the week, and then hourly on Good Friday as He is crucified for us.

    This week is probably my favorite of the whole year (as I imagine it is with many Copts). There are so many beautiful rites and hymns said throughout, culminating in one of my favorites, Golgotha (or, Calvary, the place where Christ was crucified), at the conclusion of Good Friday.

    Usually, I take off work or school when I can to attend the morning and evening services, but unfortunately, I was only able to take off Thursday and Friday this year. So, technology to the rescue! Several church websites feature Live broadcasts of their services, including the daily Pascha services, so I can at least listen/watch online while I'm at work. I encourage you to check some of these out during this Holy Week and maybe return to them when regular services resume as well.

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