Discover the Word in FireFox

    By Jeremy Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    You should use FireFox. Why? Reason #122: Enhance your Biblical prowess...

    Since I don't have the entire Bible memorized, whenever I come across a referenced Bible
    verse without the inline quote, I instinctively highlight the reference, right click and select Search Google for "2 Timothy 2:15". This results in a new tab with the Google search results page. Clicking on one of the results takes me to an online Bible reader (usually BibleGateway) which reveals the verse. I soon found this to be a bit tedious and decided to search Mozilla's exhaustive list of FireFox Add-Ons for an add-on that would simplify this process.

    Lo and behold, Bible Refalizer was there to answer the call. This simple add-on automagikally searches for Bible references within a web page and adds links to an online Bible reader. There are several online Bible readers that are supported and various translations available for each one. Brilliant!

    Download: Bible Refalizer

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