His Holiness Pope Tawadros II

    By Jeremy Tuesday, November 20, 2012

    This past Sunday, November 18th saw the official enthronement of HH Pope Tawadros II, who was elected as the 118th Pope and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark on November 4th.

    The ceremony was beautiful and filled with emotion as we mourn the passing of the late Pope Shenouda III and begin a new chapter in Coptic history with Pope Tawadros II.

    The entire Enthronement Ceremony can be viewed here, thanks to the stgeorgejc channel. You can also view the Altar Lot here, or the entire Altar Lot Liturgy here.

    Of particular note that I'd like to share is a Letter to the New Pope by Fr. Tadros Malaty, which elegantly explains the early controversy that developed as the new papal selection process began and how the faith and prayer of the Church withstood by God's grace.

    We came in touch with the amazing work of God, after the despair, the pessimism and the frustration that controlled the hearts of many people. God’s work was fulfilled in a very peaceful way. Everybody accepted it. People became joyous.

    It is not right for the believer to worry about the future of the Church. It is always in the Good Shepherd’s hand. He is the Lover of the salvation of mankind.

    The believer should not expect the new Pope to be an Icon for one of the previous Popes, no matter how holy he was. Everyone has his own personality which is bestowed by God, and has his own talents and is worthy to carry our Lord Jesus Christ’s icon and not a human icon.

    - Excerpt from Letter to the New Pope, Fr. Tadros Malaty

    May God continue to watch over His people and give guidance and wisdom to HH Pope Tawadros II as he leads the Church.

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