5 Remaining Papal Candidates

    By Jeremy Monday, October 15, 2012

    Below is a brief biography of each of the 5 remaining Papal Candidates.

    Papal Candidates 118

    The timeline for the election is as follows:

    • A three-day fast on November 19-21
    • On November 2nd, the list of 5 will be voted on and reduced to 3 remaining candidates.
    • A three-day fast on November 26-28
    • On 2 December, one of three final nominees will be chosen by a blindfolded child, in accordance with Coptic papal tradition following mass at St. Mark's Coptic Cathedral in Cairo's Abbasiya district.

    Shortly thereafter there will be a special ceremony to enthrone the newly elected Pope as the 118th Papal Seat.

    We pray that God guides us and appoints for us a new shepherd to lead His people in His wisdom.

    via davidbebawy.com, copticworld.com, fromallnations.org

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