Logos 4 Bible Software

    By Jeremy Wednesday, November 18, 2009

    It's one thing to do a Google search on a verse and hope you stumble upon a valid commentary or interpretation useful for a Sunday school lesson or Bible study group. The search results usually end up only going so deep. To get to the real meat of a Bible verse and make it applicable to yourself or the the group you're studying with takes hours of personal meditation and reflection, research from commentaries and papers and listening to sermons while taking notes.

    Recently, however, Logos has released Logos 4 Bible Study software which puts countless hours of Biblical research right at your fingertips.

    Everything from the lineage of David to the exegetical studies and maps relevant to the timeline of passages. I can't even begin to explain the wealth of knowledge available in this software suite, it's best to discover it for yourself and a good place to start would be the video tour.

    Of course this doesn't replace the time that it takes to get to the heart of a verse or passage, but it certainly helps!

    Oh, and yea, there's an app for that.

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