Stop IE6... Now! Feed people.

    By Jeremy Tuesday, September 01, 2009

    Internet Explorer 6 is the bane of all internet web developers world wide.

    And now, this is the icing on the cake...

    "If you're still using Internet Explorer 6, you're stealing food from starving people."

    Yea, that's right. It's true. There's people. Starving. Because you're still using IE6!

    Do your part and just download Internet Explorer 8 and Microsoft will donate $1.15 to Feeding America. Furthermore, if you're upgrading from IE6, their contribution doubles.

    It's simple, it will take you literally 1 minute and won't cost you a dime. Not only will you help feed starving people, but you'll also be helping web developers around the globe reduce their stress level. Now, please consider being a good Samaritan and do your part, won't you?

    (Via GizmodoPhotos 1, 2)

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